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Zeiss Light Pro Techologhy


LightPro Technology

ZEISS has developed LightPro Technology®, a new plano lens solution that filters only the right amount of polarized light, to cut annoying glare while preserving visual information.

With LightPro Technology®, you perceive up to 80% higher contrast compared to a standard polarized lens for a comfortable and sharp vision.

ZEISS LightPro is an innovative lens technology which merges the best of two sun lens type:

  • the glare free vision of a polarized lens

  • the natural perception of standard lenses

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About polarized light

Light reflected from a glassy surface is mostly polarized.

Depending on various factors such as light conditions, the environment or the time of the day, polarized light can be a source of what is commonly called glare or reflection.

intense glare can be blinding.

However reflection help provide a complete and natural perception of what surrounds you.

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LightPro Technology® Benefits

  • Glare is greatly reduced

  • Visual information is still amply available but the intensity is reduced

  • Vision comfort and acuity are ensured

  • Contrast and depth are well perceived

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